Excerpt from Crossing the Line, a Blackwolf Hot Shot novella

“Only one room?” Jennifer repeated, and looked up at Chris, wondering what to do next. This motel was so close to the hospital. “Where’s another motel?”
“We’ll take it,” Chris said, leaning past her and dropping his own credit card on the counter.
She made an unintelligible sound of protest.
He leaned one elbow on the counter and looked at her as the clerk ran his card. “You need to get to bed. We’ll figure something out.” He straightened when the clerk handed him a clipboard. He scrawled some information, passed the clipboard back, and she handed him his card and a key. And, it looked like a piece of paper with numbers on it. Her number? Ballsy, considering he was checking into a motel with another woman.
Jennifer knew she should be doing something—arguing, paying, but her brain had shut down as he took her arm and guided her down the sidewalk to the room. He unlocked and pushed open the door. Ordinarily, Jennifer would worry about the decor, or the cleanliness, but all she could see was the bed. She stumbled toward it, pulled the sheets down and dropped to a sitting position.
“So, your side,” Chris said, amused.
She hated that she was amusing him.
“You want a shower? I’m going to take a shower.”
She waved him off and dropped her head to the pillow, trying to push the image of him naked, with the water sluicing over his skin.