Now Available: Crossing the Line, A Blackwolf Hotshot Novella

Ever wonder what happens to Jason from Standing on the Line? Well, this isn’t his story, but it takes the next step. It’s the story of his sister and best friend. Clearly I love working on those.

99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Play. Waiting (impatiently) for Kobo and Apple!

Jennifer Hoyt rushes to her brother’s side when he’s injured fighting wildfires in California. He’s the only family she has.

The first person she encounters when she reaches the hospital is her brother’s best friend, Chris Bonner. As long as they’ve been friends, Chris has gotten Jason into one scrape after another, scrapes Jennifer has had to pull them out of. Chris was the one who convinced Jason to be a hotshot firefighter. She unleashes her frustration and fear on the younger man, who doesn’t flinch. Instead of being the troublemaker she’s always known, he becomes her rock as they work together to help her brother heal.

The more she gets to know him, the lower her resistance to her charms. Can she really fall for her brother’s best friend?

Crossing the Line Final