2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,600 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 43 trips to carry that many people.

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Excerpt from Crossing the Line, a Blackwolf Hot Shot novella

“Only one room?” Jennifer repeated, and looked up at Chris, wondering what to do next. This motel was so close to the hospital. “Where’s another motel?”
“We’ll take it,” Chris said, leaning past her and dropping his own credit card on the counter.
She made an unintelligible sound of protest.
He leaned one elbow on the counter and looked at her as the clerk ran his card. “You need to get to bed. We’ll figure something out.” He straightened when the clerk handed him a clipboard. He scrawled some information, passed the clipboard back, and she handed him his card and a key. And, it looked like a piece of paper with numbers on it. Her number? Ballsy, considering he was checking into a motel with another woman.
Jennifer knew she should be doing something—arguing, paying, but her brain had shut down as he took her arm and guided her down the sidewalk to the room. He unlocked and pushed open the door. Ordinarily, Jennifer would worry about the decor, or the cleanliness, but all she could see was the bed. She stumbled toward it, pulled the sheets down and dropped to a sitting position.
“So, your side,” Chris said, amused.
She hated that she was amusing him.
“You want a shower? I’m going to take a shower.”
She waved him off and dropped her head to the pillow, trying to push the image of him naked, with the water sluicing over his skin.

Now Available: Crossing the Line, A Blackwolf Hotshot Novella

Ever wonder what happens to Jason from Standing on the Line? Well, this isn’t his story, but it takes the next step. It’s the story of his sister and best friend. Clearly I love working on those.

99 cents at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Play. Waiting (impatiently) for Kobo and Apple!

Jennifer Hoyt rushes to her brother’s side when he’s injured fighting wildfires in California. He’s the only family she has.

The first person she encounters when she reaches the hospital is her brother’s best friend, Chris Bonner. As long as they’ve been friends, Chris has gotten Jason into one scrape after another, scrapes Jennifer has had to pull them out of. Chris was the one who convinced Jason to be a hotshot firefighter. She unleashes her frustration and fear on the younger man, who doesn’t flinch. Instead of being the troublemaker she’s always known, he becomes her rock as they work together to help her brother heal.

The more she gets to know him, the lower her resistance to her charms. Can she really fall for her brother’s best friend?

Crossing the Line Final

A New Cover…and an Upcoming Book

I’ve returned to my Blackwolf Hot Shots stories, and I’ve changed the cover on the second book. The woman on the cover looked way too vampy–I don’t know what I was thinking. The third book, Chris and Jen’s story, should be out in May.


I’ve also dropped the prices to 99 cents for the first two novellas, so you have a chance to catch up before the third one comes out.


Crossing the Line Final Standing on the line Final new

Considering Covers

I’m working on my third Blackwolf Hot Shots book, the one that actually triggered the whole series. Chris, the hot shot who saved Jason’s life in Standing on the Line, is going to help Jason’s sister Jennifer take care of Jason. She is not his biggest fan, because he was the one who talked Jason into joining the hot shots anyway. The title will be Crossing the Line. Not sure which of these suits best, and fits in with my other two:

All on the Line Final 1600x2402 Standing on the line 1600x2402Which do you like? Or do I start over?

Bigstock_2470253 stock-photo-14009133-lovers-at-window Bigstock_26230853 Bigstock_41492686 Bigstock_2919740 Bigstock_1676324

Taming the Cowboy–A New Boxed Set

Taming the Cowboy, a collection of my rodeo cowboy stories At the Cowboy’s Mercy, The Cowboy’s Saving Grace and Faith in the Cowboy, ins now available at (almost) all outlets!

Three rodeo cowboys who never thought they’d be reined in Three women who never knew they had the power to tame them At the Cowboy’s Mercy A woman down on her luck turns to an old friend for help. But can he forgive her for the secret she kept? The Cowboy’s Saving Grace A cowboy looking for a good time returns to Las Vegas to the woman he left behind. Can she let him back in her life…or her heart? Faith in the Cowboy After a painful divorce, she’s not looking for anything from a man. But the sexy rodeo cowboy won’t let a little discouragement deter him…not until he breaches her defenses.


Barnes and Noble


Three stories for $5.99!

Taming the Cowboy Box Set Final