Coming Tomorrow–a New Boxed Set

I’m releasing my three western novellas in a boxed set tomorrow!




A daring young widow
An outlaw’s former lover
The daughter of a notorious bank robber

Three wild western women in one collection of previously published erotic novellas

Wild Wild Widow

Rebecca Chatham is no stranger to scandal. She and her husband delighted in shocking San Francisco society with their sexual exploits, not hard to do in 1888. But now her husband is dead. He left her penniless, forced to live under her wealthy father’s thumb. While searching for a protector, she once again becomes the focus of society gossip, and her father exiles her to her brother’s ranch in Central California.

Rebecca is miserable, until she meets the very handsome, very virile ranch foreman Judah Merrill. A real cowboy. Though she’s aware of their differences in status, she pursues him with a single-mindedness, until he catches her in the creek (and in the barn and on horseback). But what happens when she falls in love with him? Will he accept her wild wild heart?

In the Marshal’s Arms

Marshal Rhys Burgess always gets his man. To catch a notorious bank robber, he seeks out the man’s sometimes-mistress Maddy Colby. She lives on her own on a farm that needs a lot of work. He presents himself to her as a handyman…and waits.

As he waits, he gets to know Maddy, who is nothing like he expected. Isolated on the farm, shunned by the townspeople because of the choices she’s made, Maddy is smart, generous and hard-working–and lonely. Every day he finds her harder and harder to resist…until a snowstorm strands them alone together in the tiny cabin.

Then Rhys needs to discover…is getting his man worth losing his woman?

Stealing the Marshal’s Heart

The daughter of the infamous bank robber Sweetheart Belle, Abigail Vincent grew up wild in New Mexico Territory. After her mother was killed, she ran off with a small-time outlaw to protect herself from the unwanted advances by her mother’s former lover. After her outlaw companion was arrested, she was sent to a home for wayward girls, where she’s now a servant, since she has no place else to go.

That’s where Marshal Marcus Grey finds her. He is searching for her younger brother, who is now riding in his father’s outlaw gang. Abigail wants to find her brother before he gets himself killed and coerces Marcus into taking her with him.

Marcus’s attraction to the woman, so unlike any he’s ever known, alarms him. He’s a marshal and can’t fall for an outlaw’s daughter, no matter how beautiful, strong and brave she may be.

But as they face storms, Indians and outlaws–not to mention long nights alone in the desert–he can’t deny the truth…she’s stolen his heart.

Wild Western Women Box Set final