New Release–Stealing the Marshal’s Heart, a western historical

The story for Stealing the Marshal’s Heart has been in my head for a long time. I read the story of Belle Starr awhile back, and read about her kids. I wondered what it would be like for the children to grow up with a mother as an outlaw. Clear as day, I saw the group of lawmen, including the younger version of my marshal, coming to tell the younger version of my heroine that her mother died in a bank robbery.

Then, I thought, what if that same young marshal came to her for help to find her brother, who’s following her mother’s footsteps? She wants to save her brother, so goes along with the marshal. And since she didn’t have the most conventional upbringing, well…

So was born Stealing the Marshal’s Heart, available now at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The daughter of the infamous bank robber Sweetheart Belle, Abigail Vincent grew up wild in New Mexico Territory. After her mother was killed, she ran off with a small-time outlaw to protect herself from the unwanted advances by her mother’s former lover. After her outlaw companion was arrested, she was sent to a home for wayward girls, where she’s now a servant, since she has no place else to go.

That’s where Marshal Marcus Grey finds her. He is searching for her younger brother, who is now riding in his father’s outlaw gang. Abigail wants to find her brother before he gets himself killed and coerces Marcus into taking her with him.

Marcus’s attraction to the woman, so unlike any he’s ever known, alarms him. He’s a marshal and can’t fall for an outlaw’s daughter, no matter how beautiful, strong and brave she may be.

But as they face storms, Indians and outlaws–not to mention long nights alone in the desert–he can’t deny the truth…she’s stolen his heart.

stealing the marshals heart final