New Release–Standing on the Line

I feel really weird about promoting this book after the tragedy in Arizona. I put the book up on Saturday, and Monday 19 hot shots, an entire crew, were killed. So I feel strange letting people know about this new book (which has no actual firefighting scenes).

It’s available, if you’re interested in Deacon’s story. I’m going to work on something else before I write Chris’s, which I tease in the back of this book 🙂

Blurb: Sheriff Cheyenne Culpepper has been alone in the small town of Purity, California for two years since the death of her husband. But she hasn’t realized she was lonely until handsome hot shot firefighter Deacon Granger showed up, flirting and making her remember she’s a woman with needs too long denied. But bringing him into her bed can put her heart and her reputation, a vital trait in a small town, on the line.

She’s been standing on that line so long, balancing who she is and how people see her…is she really ready to cross it for him?

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords, but for some reason it uploaded there twice.

Standing on the line 1600x2402