Blackwolf Firefighters

I’m looking for a semi-cohesive look for the Blackwolf Hot Shot series and these are the pictures I like. Right now there will be three books, maybe four if I can figure out how to write another menage. Do any of these stand out? Any a definite no?

stock-photo-18981077-sensual-young-couple-kissing 26230853 40887304 40887316 34936217 stock-photo-19093531-young-couple-holding-each-other-on-black-background 41954596 40220338 stock-photo-19093514-young-couple-holding-each-other-naked stock-photo-15566949-intimate-young-couple-during stock-photo-19558596-happy-couple 39959992 41910145 41710954 40394125 stock-photo-20142110-passionate-couple-kissing stock-photo-16125167-beauty-couple