The Free Experiment So Far

Eye of the Beholder went free on Amazon on Wednesday Jan. 11 around noon. That morning, I’d noticed that Eye and In the Marshal’s Arms had both sold 83 copies in January. I’d mentioned it to my friend because I thought it interesting–one is $1.99 and one 99 cents.

By the time I left school on Wednesday, these were my numbers:

Eye 146
ITMA: 97
By the time I left school on Thursday, these were my numbers:
Eye 1789
ITMA 110
WWW 290
Eye 3088
ITMA 121
WWW 318
By the end of Saturday, I was on the historical romance list on Amazon with these numbers:
Eye 4666

ITMA 139
WWW 359
By the end of Sunday, I was in the top 50 romance, and hanging out at the tail end of the Kindle overall list with these numbers:
Eye 10919

ITMA 159
WWW 410 (also on the western romance by this time)
As of this morning, I’m in the top ten romance, top 50 overall, and number two behind Pride and Prejudice on the historical romance list!
It’s been VERY exciting to see those numbers, and I’ve gotten 2 5-star reviews, too!

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