Why Won’t Timothy Olyphant Just Pose for my Cover?

I finished a novella today, another historical, this one with a cowboy. I’m calling it The Wild Wild Widow, because it’s about a woman who’s been caught in a scandal and sent to her brother’s ranch in exile, where she does scandalous things with the foreman.

So before I dive into the revisions, I’m looking at stock photos for a cover. This is the tricky part, especially in historical romances. So you usually get a close-up or a naked picture, because you can’t have bras or anything like that. And the few historical pictures I can find just aren’t what I’m looking for.

Right now I really love this one, but don’t see exactly where the title will go. Also, she’s wearing nail polish, but I’m hoping the title can disguise that:

There’s this one, but I feel like I’ve seen it on a lot of covers:

And there’s this one. She certainly looks wild:

And of course I had to look for “sexy cowboy” and I came up with this, but wouldn’t it look weird with the title Wild Wild Widow?

See my dilemma? If Timothy Olyphant would JUST come pose for my cover, all would be well!

6 thoughts on “Why Won’t Timothy Olyphant Just Pose for my Cover?

  1. I like the first one and the third one.

    The second one is too sweet and the last one, his jeans are too new. It doesn’t look believably rough.

    And I do know what you mean. I want Alexander Skarsgard to pose to for the cover of my second book. So, far nothing. lol.

  2. Lori Dillon says:

    I like the 3rd one. The wicked widow comes across in her expression. You could turn it into a sepia tone to give it an old photograph look.

  3. the 2nd pic shows her bra which doesn’t look like the correct time period. The 4th one in his jeans (as lovely as those abs are) also looks too modern. I’d go with either black/white pic. I gotta say though that the 1st one really speaks to me. If you can cover her nail polish with the title, you’re set.

    Good luck!

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