At Long Last, the Blackwolf Hot Shots!

The first novella in the Blackwolf Hot Shots series, ALL ON THE LINE, is finally available! To thank you for your patience, I’ve put it at the special price off 99 cents for this week. I hope you enjoy Cal and Jaci’s story!


Jaci Nichols thinks nothing can make her feel as alive as fighting wildfires–man against nature, standing up to danger every day.
Until her crew chief, Cal Sinclair, kisses her after a close call on the fire line.
Now she’s craving more, but he wants to keep his distance.
Cal Sinclair doesn’t want to screw up his first year as crew chief, so he keeps his distance from the members of his hot shot crew. Hard to do when the sexy rookie gets under his skin. Something about her draws him, and makes him want to put it All on the Line.

All on the Line Final 1600x2402

Blackwolf Firefighters

I’m looking for a semi-cohesive look for the Blackwolf Hot Shot series and these are the pictures I like. Right now there will be three books, maybe four if I can figure out how to write another menage. Do any of these stand out? Any a definite no?

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So, Magic Mike on DVD

I’m debating buying Magic Mike on DVD. I love Channing Tatum, I love the dance scenes, but the more I think about it, the movie’s kind of a downer, especially the Alex Pettyfer storyline. The one scene with Matt Bomer during the hurricane is enough for me to not want to buy the movie, at least not when it’s first released.
Then there’s the embarrassment factor–what will my husband think if I buy the DVD? He doesn’t even know I went to see it!
What about you? Are you buying it on DVD?

Her Moonlit Gamble, the last Bridesmaids book, up on Amazon!

Her Moonlit Gamble is live on Amazon! It should be live on Kobo and BN annnnny minute 🙂

Joslyn Alexander has done a good job at keeping herself distant–from everyone but her best friend from high school, Andrew Norris. He’s been there for her since her parents died and helped her get on with her life, then went on with his.

Now he’s home from the army and he wants something more. He accompanies her to her friend’s wedding in Hawaii, where they zip-line, hike, and dive with sharks. But the real risk he wants to take is to make Joslyn fall in love with him.

She’s so good at protecting her heart, she doesn’t know how to give it. Will he be able to change her mind?


New Series

I bought a big white board yesterday. I have a new series idea and need to feel my way through it–plotting on the computer isn’t going to be enough, I’m afraid. I need to write it, big, somewhere.

It’s about a crew of Hot Shot firefighters and their adventures on the fireline and in the bedroom. I just love firefighters, and I wrote the first story for an anthology, but it was rejected. As I’ve been working to expand it for its own little novella, the other ideas have come to me.

Right now I have a crew chief falling for one of his crew members, and another hot shot falling for his best friend’s older sister. I’m thinking another will be a menage with a local waitress and another maybe a hot shot falling for a medic.

I’m really excited, and started a Pinterest board for inspiration 🙂

E. L. James on Katie

I had to watch E. L. James’s interview on Katie yesterday. I’m so intrigued by this book’s success and I wanted to hear what she had to say.
I was a bit disappointed that the reason Katie gave for the success was the sex. I don’t think that’s it, or at least not all of it. Honestly, they made it sound like the first sexy book ever written! I think it’s a combination of the fantasy man, the man who takes charge, the romance and the sex, but I’m not Katie, am I?
I liked that E.L. was kind of taken aback by the success of the book, and seemed very down-to-earth. What surprised me was…she’s not working on anything new.
Maybe it’s because she’s overwhelmed by the success. Maybe she’s afraid anything else she writes will fail in comparison. She says she has other ideas, but she hasn’t worked on them.

I can’t imagine that. Part of me would want to have something ready to go while the iron is hot. Part of me just can’t stop writing. But who knows what success like this can do to a writer’s psyche?

Do you think she’ll write anything else? Will she miss her window of opportunity? Is it wrong for me to think like that?

Plans Change

I’d initially said my last Bridesmaids book would be up in September and my cowboy book would be up in October, but because of a delay, I’m reversing the order. I just loaded At the Cowboy’s Mercy onto Kindle this morning. Should be ready to go by the weekend!


Now, to get to work on my firefighter. Ahem.