Coming Soon

The Blackwolf Hot Shots

I’ve always loved firefighters, so I’m working on a series about a group of wildland firefighters on a crew called the Blackwolf Hot Shots. We’ll have crew chief Cal, best friends Deacon and Jason, and a couple more. I’m very excited about this series and hope to have the first one out by Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. melissa says:

    Hi, loved the book off limits. Will you be doing a story about her brother Adam?

    • romanticemmajay says:

      I’m so glad you liked it! I do have a heroine in mind for Adam, and I hope to start writing his story this fall. He’s going to be a tough nut to crack, lol!

      • shasta79 says:

        I CANNOT WAIT! I just recently found your books and I am craving for more. Off Limits was the most excited book that I have read in a long time. I am a hopeless romantic and I just started writing my own novel. Not really wanting to get it published, but just enjoying the time creating characters that are exciting and interesting to enjoy. Thank you for allowing me to embrace my own writer side. I cannot wait to read the next one~A huge fan~

      • romanticemmajay says:

        That’s how I started–writing for myself, to see if I could do it. That’s the best reason to write, IMO. And if you have something you believe in when you’re done, well, even better! So glad to hear you loved Off Limits–it was a lot of fun to write!

  2. shastahope says:

    Emma Jay- I was not able to respond to the covers for you new book, “Her Island Fantasy”. I Love the first picture, it shows her and the man on the beach and it portrays a woman that is allowing her partner to caress her body and the picture fits the title. I hope this helps!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    Will you be doing another book following up on Luke, Kennedy, and Liam anytime soon????? I really loved that book, and would love to see a sequel to it!!!!!! It really hits home for me. I used to ride bulls!!!! I recently meet my girlfriend, and she loves the fact that I am a cowboy through and through!!!!!!!!! Please do a sequel to the book “At the cowboy’s mercy.” It would mean a lot to me and my girlfriend!!!!!!


    • romanticemmajay says:

      Oh, wow, thanks so much for your note! I have an idea for Liam’s story but have had trouble figuring out how to make it work. Your note made me put some extra thought into it–I think I have it figured out now. Maybe I can get it out by Christmas.

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